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The Rambunctious Rattler (by Amiah Hanson)

November 5, 2017 Uncategorized Writings 0

The rambunctious rattlesnake

Read the rippling pages,

Are dreams red, or brown, or green,

He asked the moon brilliantly seen,

But too far he was from celestial skies.


The rallying rattler ran as fast as he dared,

Into the wishing, wondering wood,

And running far and ripping through,

He gathered together giant giraffes,

To ask the moon a simple boon.


The rattler really requested a response

The writing had wakened wishes,

Could dreams be dreary, dreaded or dry?

Could they be vibrant, and vivacious?


The giant giraffes sook an answer,

The moon mysteriously retained

The right, really requisite answer

But answer twas down on earth,

In the wide, wild yonder kept in your heart.

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