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Went In, Came Out (by Amiah Hanson)

October 7, 2017 Uncategorized Writings 0

Went In, Came Out

I’ve retreated into a cove

Where nothing comes out.

I barely respond,

Say enough just to keep me going.

I’m slowly suffocating in the

Problems of the world.


They aren’t my burden, they aren’t my care,

So why do I feel the need to bear

Worries, regrets, stifled sighs,

And the one true weariness that never dies.


The air dwindles, the lifeline’s short,

A small kindle of flame.

It flickers faintly,

Just enough for me to see

One step ahead of me.


But there it is,

A breath more normal.

The kindle is fed

With wood from a loving soul

Pouring into me.


A spark of hope is all it takes

A lick of flame

A name is known again.

The stars say hello

To someone went in, came out

Of a cove long ago.

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