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Wings of Fire: Darkness of Dragons by Tui T. Sutherland

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Qibli knows that he can stop Darkstalker… if he had the magic to do so. He knows he could make everything better, dragons happier, and perhaps even cast a small charm spell. But Qibli doesn’t have magic, and Darkstalker is killing off or charming every dragon in Pyrrhia. All Qibli can do is try to make a difference with the small magic items that he has left from Turtle. Can Qibli find out a way to save the world without magic, or will Darkstalker rule all of Pyrrhia?

Character Development – 4.7

Wings of Fire: Darkness of Dragons has a definite development in Qibli’s point of view. I would rate it a 4.7 because Qibli develops quite a bit in this book, but if it weren’t quite so based off the previous books, it might give the reader a better understanding. Qibli is an intelligent, funny dragon that Sutherland gives us a view where we can see his inner struggles. You will want to make sure you have read the pre-sequels, as there is quite a bit about previous dragons. We see Qibli grow throughout the book, and Sutherland writes Qibli being faced with his biggest wish as the climax. Will he choose to team up with Darkstalker, or give up talons of power for his friends?

Strength of Plot – 4.5

I would rate the Strength of Plot of Wings of Fire: Darkness of Dragons a 4.5. It starts in the middle of book nine, but in a different perspective. While Turtle the Seawing is off trying to stop Darkstalker, Qibli is trying to convince his friend Winter to wear an earring that Turtle enchanted to protect the wearer to be immune to any spells that Darkstalker cast. It definitely keeps you interested, but some of the conclusions that Qibli jumps to are a little irrational. Qibli is smart, but there are some decisions that he makes that are strange that he knew the choices thoroughly.

Length – 4.5

The length of the book is fitting, and I would rate it 4.5. It fits with the other books in the series, but it also speeds up the ending. The conclusion could last for a bit longer or be introduced earlier. The length is enough to end the book with you feeling satisfied. Another add-on Sutherland does is an Epilogue and a Prologue. The Prologue gives you a  bit of context that will most likely be used at a later period in the book, and the Epilogue in Darkness of Dragons gives a little snapshot of what the dragon’s lives are like after the big adventure. She also always has cliff-hangers at the end of her books.

Writing Style – 5

The Writing Style of Darkness of Dragons is very well written. Sutherland appeals to her audience, with putting the perspective of the book into a dragon’s point of view. Humans appear briefly, but they are called scavengers. Sutherland separates the tribes of dragons clearly, and there is a sense of excitement in each page. The dragons have a view quite a bit like a human, with all the inner struggles that one of us would have. She has illustrated the different personalities and powers very clearly, and you weigh the options of having each characteristic.

Conclusion – 4.7

I would give this book a 4.7 overall because this book is a favorite and a must read. If the book weren’t so much based on the prequels, it might be better, but you should check out the whole series because all the books are as good as this one. This is a good book for most ages, starting at 9 years old and maybe ending at around 15. It is an easy read but chock-full of good fiction excitement. This book is for all dragon-lovers, and also is the next book for you if your into shorter fiction reads.

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