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Eragon by Christopher Paolini

August 25, 2017 Reviews Uncategorized 0


A poor farm boy named Eragon finds a mysterious blue stone in the mountain range near his home, and it throws him into a completely different life. Eragon learns to embrace his new role as a Rider, but also realizes that if the tyrant king catches him, It could mean the end of Algaesia. Eragon has to figure out his newfound gifts and use them wisely.

Character Development – 4.5

In Eragon, there are some interesting things Paolini writes about the characters and how they develop. I would give the character development for Eragon 4.5 stars. Through this first book we learn some important things about Eragon, and the inner tumult he feels is driven by revenge. I feel like Paolini developed town storyteller Brom well, as a secretive character that helped Eragon out of numerous scrapes.  Paolini developed Brom so when he passes, the reader feels sympathy. I think he could have introduced Murtagh earlier, because there is not much said about him.  Murtagh is bitter, but we are inclined to think that he has good intentions.

Strength of Plot – 4

Another thing to consider is the strength of plot in Eragon. The plot it lengthy but it is full of content. I would give the plot for Eragon 4 stars. Eragon is interesting because of the long journeys in between towns. I think Paolini could spend more time with Murtagh and Eragon journeying, and also there could be more time spent on the training of Eragon in magic. Whenever Paolini goes into detail, however, he really does include a lot of  information about the story. Each of the details has a place in the plot of the whole book. Whenever Eragon has dreams about Arya the elf, Paolini makes a great picture of what Arya looks like, and he introduces it early. 

Length – 4.5

The length of Eragon is quite suitable, thus earning a rating of 4.5 stars. The book is lengthy. but it has enough content to make it a good read. Paolini does not drag out the story,  but spends time on details that might add some extra pages, but they’re  worth it. Whenever you reach the end of the book, it leaves you feeling satisfied. Eragon’s journey with Saphira is illustrated in a great way. Paolini could wait on a few acquaintances to put into the next book though.  Paolini balances details with the appropriate matter of scenes, so he spends time on scenes where time is due.

Writing Style – 4

Paolini’s writing style of Eragon is quite interesting, as he is more realistic in his writing then other authors. I would rate his writing style 4 stars. It seems like the type of writing he is doing is quite based on his age at the time, which was around 16-17.  It is in more of an early 1900’s kind of setting, where people were going to a blacksmith or a butcher, and they mostly were farmers. He uses words and phrases that are more for older people or advanced readers,  The speech he uses in the book is eloquent, and the ancient language, a language of magic, is well written and has a consistent theme.

Conclusion – 4.25

I would give this book a 4.25 because overall, the book is a good read. There are some minor fixes that Paolini could work on, such as evenly spacing the book’s scenes and journeys.  I would recommend this book to readers because it is good writing and fiction, and it exposes you to a book that was written at a young age. It is probably for ages 11 and up. For all those people that like fiction, long books, and dragons, this book is a definite read.

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